Round Column Caps and Bases

Natural Stone Bases & Caps

We are now providing a variety of round natural stone bases and round natural stone caps. These natural stone bases and caps are hand carved to perfection. We offer three types of natural stone to choose from (Austin White Limestone, Gray Lueders Limestone orCanteraStone). Austin Limestone, Lueders Limestone and CanteraStone are known worldwide for their beauty and durability.

We offer these round caps and bases of natural stone simply for the originality and exquisiteness of natural stone. With cast stone you tend to find that it looks like a concrete item that you could pick out in a local supply store. These caps and bases are hand carved out of real stone which enhances the charter and magnificence of natural stone.

The gallery below contains our most popular selections. We are not limited to these selections. Please feel free to bring your own design and ideas to us and we will bring them to life.

Click on the images below to view a larger display.

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